As a small but steadily growing organisation, there is always need for extra support to help with the daily running. In order to be able to invest as much money as possible in the educational guidance for the children in the programme, personnel costs are kept at a minimum.

Unfortunately, there is a shortage of qualified and affordable personnel in the area so we gratefully rely upon the support of volunteers to assist the permanent Born in Africa staff. The input of these volunteers is of vital importance for us since we can benefit from their experience, knowledge and never ending motivation to help with numerous projects. While most tasks are school or education related, we happily work with volunteers from different backgrounds.

Homework classes, after school activities, swimming lessons and camps would not be part of our programme if it weren’t for our volunteers. Volunteers are accommodated in our Born in Africa house during their stay at a reduced rental rate. Interested candidates start their application online and are selected based on their experience, background and motivation. We strive towards an open relationship with volunteers so we can reach a win-win situation whereby all parties benefit.

COVID-19 update After a lot of consideration, Born in Africa has decided not welcome any volunteers for the time being, as the Corona virus still poses too big of a risk to our staff's and children's wellbeing. We hope vaccinations will be made available for all soon, so we can welcome volunteers again in Plettenberg Bay! Don't hesitate to get in touch though and let us know you are interested in volunteering, after things have gone 'back to normal' and vaccinations are available.


I give permission to Born in Africa to use my personal details within the guidelines of the Born in Africa Privacy Policy

Should you have any issues with completing this form or would like any further information please contact: - 

Lotte Van Buyten at lvanbuyten87@gmail.com

Isabelle Brink at isabelle@borninafrica.org